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Some important testimonials

Companies and teams we’ve worked with during 40 years of development of Leo methodology include NASA, Boeing, Shell, VISA, American Express… You may have heard about the wonderful case study about Shell’s URSA Team that was recently promoted by Simon Sinek in his latest book Infinite Game.

Life changing experience.

Melissa Smart

Lead Designer at ACME

This seminar changed my and my team’s life

Ellie Steel

Social Media Expert

 Sami Cohen about Leo Methodology

Many cultural change initiatives fail because the root causes of the unconscious mechanisms that kept the old culture in place were not challenged. Can we expect a real change and keep the same mindset?

A Great Team is a team where each member goes to work feeling trusted and valued during the day, then returns home feeling fulfilled, like they have contributed to something greater than themselves.

As mentioned in Simon Sinek’s latest book, The Infinite Game, the goal of our one-year program is to create what he calls Trusting Teams. Thanks to many Georgian leaders, we have adapted the program to best fit their culture and needs.

About the program

New Leader Academy is a one year program by Leo Institute designed to train leaders who are looking for the next level of their development. Who are willing to inspire their teams and create the context that enables people to grow and fully realize their potential.

Why did we decide to offer this one year training?

The society and the business world changed more in these last 20 years than in the last century. Problems became more complex and employees more difficult to motivate. The previous generations were happy to have a job and it was a big enough motivation in itself; they would follow orders easily.

Many managers didn’t adapt to the new generation workforce and the consequence is that most employees don’t like their job. According to a large survey Forbes magazine did in the US, 76% of the workforce don’t like their job. How can they give all their potential? Why is it? What would they need to work at their full capacity? Addressing these issues has a huge potential of profit for any organization.

The goal of the New Leader Program is to help leader learn to inspire themselves and their staff. An inspired team is both happier and more performant. It is a win-win move. In human relationships – contrary to material relationships – there is no win-lose; relationships are either win-win or lose-lose.

New Leaders need to develop skills the previous generation leaders didn’t need to have, skill of Emotional Intelligence, of Coaching, of Agile Mindset and of course work on their limiting beliefs.

During this one year training they will have a personalized follow up to learn to motivate their staff, to grow and help them grow, to give and receive feedback, to have delicate conversation and to learn not only to give the better of themselves but motivate their staff to do the same.

For whom?

For the leaders – for Executives, C-level or middle level, for Sole proprietors or Entrepreneurs who are willing to grow and learn to extend their capabilities towards their goals.

What will you get?

This one year experience is a journey of self mastery, exploration, connection, inspiration, clarity, joy and success.

Emotional Intelligence skills:

Most managers are either too soft or too harsh. They tend to not have the proper approach to people because of their emotions and their fears. They can lash out because they are afraid to not be able to be understood or followed, they can also shut down to avoid conflict. Neither behavior is recommendable. It doesn’t make their staff grow.

New Leaders know themselves and others better and have learnt to give the feedback or the hard talk in a way that empowers their staff. They neither feel right nor superior, they just feel responsible for the growth of their staff.

Coaching skills:

Their staff feels this genuine concern to help them grow and perform better. They feel supported to become the best they can be. The New Leader gets the trust of their staff and their staff invite and appreciate receiving their feedback because the goal of that feedback is not to reprimand them but to make them more effective. The New Generation Leader knows that the team results are more important than his own.

Agile Mindset:

Agile is “the ability to create and respond to change. It is a way of dealing with, and ultimately succeeding in an uncertain and turbulent environment.” The opposite of an Agile Mindset is the Being Right Mindset. The Agility is to learn to include the other people point of view as a richness rather than compete with them. Of Course, the trust they acquire from being accepted as their coach, gives them the authority to have the last word without losing and demotivating their staff.

Getting rid of the limiting beliefs:

Henry Ford used to say: ”If you think you can do it or you think you cannot, in both cases you will be right.” We all have limiting beliefs, isn’t it what Peter principal is telling us? Are we doomed, or can
we challenge them?
Not only we are convinced we can, but we think that LEO Methodology is probably the strongest and most effective tool to get rid of them.

Why do we believe in the process?

One seminar is often not enough. We have had a long experience in accompanying managers on their transformation Journey. Many of them can testify that the year-long training they did with us has been the most important step in their career.

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