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Some important testimonials

Companies and teams we have worked with during 40 years of development of Leo methodology include NASA, Boeing, Shell, VISA, American Express…

You may have heard about the wonderful case study about Shell’s URSA Team that was recently promoted by Simon Sinek in his latest book The Infinite Game.

Sami Cohen about Leo Methodology

Many cultural change initiatives fail because the root causes of the unconscious mechanisms that kept the old culture in place were not challenged. Can we expect a real change and keep the same mindset?

A Great Team is a team where each member goes to work feeling trusted and valued during the day, then returns home feeling fulfilled, like they have contributed to something greater than themselves.

As mentioned in Simon Sinek’s latest book, The Infinite Game, the goal of our one-year program is to create what he calls Trusting Teams. Thanks to many Georgian leaders, we have adapted the program to best fit their culture and needs.

Our Team

Sami Cohen

Sami is a co-founder of LEO Institute, LOL, and Learning as Leadership (LaL).

Born in Cairo, Sami grew up in France, studied engineering in Canada and is now based in Switzerland, dividing his time between Europe, the US, the Caribbean and India.

He originated and designed the LEO Methodology with his late wife, Claire Nuer, starting in 1982. She passed away in 1999. Sami has taught thousands of people around the world how to shift mental models, behaviors and stereotypes to build healthy and productive personal lives and professional organizations.
As an industrial engineer and retired CEO of a French company, Sami draws upon his extensive operational experience in supporting people to concretely implement the LEO Methodology tools in the workplace.
He has been a recognized Member Consultant of the Society for Organizational Learning (SOL) and a Board Member of the World Business Academy.
Sami continues to conduct leadership seminars in Europe and is working on books on the LEO Methodology.

Sami’s known for his warm and insightful style. He is most passionate about helping others create long-lasting change and reconnecting with their True Selves so that they can live in the present moment, have more rewarding relationships and be more creative problem-solvers. He strongly believes and will convince you that Joy goes with success.

Anna Cohen

Anna is a co-founder of Leo Institute.

After a linguistic education at Triest University School for Interpreters and Translators, Anna specialises in Conservation and Restoration of archival and library materials (medieval manuscripts, incunabula and early printed books, engravings and prints).

Mother of three, she complements her activity of restorer with that of therapeutic support to families. Subsequently she specialises in individual consultation based on symbolic decoding and psychosynthesis techniques.
After having collaborated with the Swiss Leadership Organisational Learning for some years, she founded with Sami Cohen LEO Institute in Georgia and LEO Corporate in Switzerland with the goal to offer their Methodology to a wide range of people and companies around the world.
She is currently in charge of organisation, education and seminar design at Leo Institute, beside coaching and facilitation of the programmes offered by both companies.

With her coaching activity Anna accompanies people in their knowledge of themselves, in the discovery of their potentials and in their development with the goal for them to live fulfilling lives.

Niko Kinkladze

  • MBA IESE Barcelona
  • World #1 The Economist, #12 FT
  • Certified professional Co-Active Coach, Co-Active Training Institute
  • NLP practitioner by International Trainers Academy
  • LEO Institute facilitator and coach from 2019

Niko teaches from 1993, consults from 2000, coaches from 2010. Has two high-school, two bachelor’s and one master’s diploma from Georgia, USA, Bulgaria, and Spain. He is an experienced management consultant and executive coach. He has professional experience in different fields: education, government, business consulting, finance, international organizations, construction, wine, IT, Telecom, publishing, real estate, tourism, and hospitality. He has served in different roles: coach, consultant (business and government), manager, entrepreneur, teacher, sales manager, and analyst. Has lived and worked in five countries. Niko has over 3000 hours of coaching and mentoring experience of putting analytical mind, courageous communication style, and use of humour to one`s service through one-to-one and group coaching sessions.
Niko`s passion is to create and sustain common spaces based on a shared higher mission – how we
change the world.

Chiara Brunori

  • Bachelor degree in education and training in working environment
  • Master’s of art in HR management and psychology of working environment ~ Catholic university of Italy
  • LEO Institute facilitator and coach from January 2019

Chiara worked as a General Director in an association of entrepreneurs in Lombardy, Italy and continued as a Senior Project Manager in the European division of the same company. She worked on a special project dedicated to the people-based expansion and growth of organizations of medium-large dimension in Italy and the EU.

She took part in several Italian panels about the integration of the young workers in learning organizations and about the innovation of training processes in working environments.

Since 2019 she is a Leo institute`s coach and facilitator, and works as a project manager with a team of researchers of Politecnico di Milano – design area – on processes of Innovation of Meaning, leaded by Professor Verganti (Politecnico di Milano, Stockholm School of Economic, Harvard Business School).

Chiara is passionate about building and implementing leadership processes and organisational and cultural changes, since she is in love with the different cultures and with a discovery of the common roots of human beings.

Gloria Morsanutto

Gloria was born in Italy with a citizen of the world’s soul: she loves travelling and exploring new universes, within and without. After a composite education including a French and Italian Baccalaureate, Gloria has deepened her love for languages by travelling and studying, living in Italy, England and Georgia. She has first started to work with Leo Institute in 2018 and is a Leo Coach and Facilitator, Feedback Collector and Community Manager, as well as a collaborator on Sami’s books on the Leo Methodology.
Some of Gloria’s other passions include music, sunlight, reading and good food, but one shines even brighter: learning to realise her dream life – transforming herself into the person she truly wants to be – and sharing her journey with all.

Giorgi Burchuladze

  • CEO at LEO Institute, Since 2020;
  • Co-founder, Board Member at Leavingstone, Since 2010;
  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, ESM Business School ’2009;
  • Leo institute coach in training since 2020;

Giorgi has the background of entrepreneurship, business development, marketing, digital and creative industries. In 2010 he co-founded a creative digital agency Leavingstone and has been serving as a General Manager for 8 years. Company grew fast and exceeded 100 people in permanent staff and won more than 150 international awards in creativity and innovation. Including Cannes Lions, Webby Awards and London International Awards.

During this period Giorgi and his partners started several other companies in tech, education and hospitality. They attracted the best talent in their fields by their exceptional corporate culture and attitude and passion towards creativity and innovation.

From summer 2020 Giorgi serves as a CEO of Leo Institute. His main focus is on development and growth of the company that involves finding the ways to spread the methodology to touch more and more people as in Georgia, so on the global scale. He believes in the power of methodology, constantly works on his personal mastery with it. He is also Leo Coach in training since december 2020, advancing his skills to coach others and facilitate in the Seminars.